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Comprehensive Asset Valuation Nationwide

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HPC Asset Management provides national and regional financial institutions, and property owners with real estate valuation services for multifamily, commercial, industrial, and new construction assets. For over 40 years the HPC Asset Management team has a proven track record of making the valuation process easy and efficient. Our valuation services include:

  • Broker price opinions (BPOs)
  • Appraisal services
  • BPO and appraisal reconciliation
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Customized reporting
  • Comprehensive vendor management
  • Identify & Coordinate Real Estate Broker Services

HPC Asset Management was always responsive and pleasant to work with. They did an excellent job for the bank.

— Bud B.

Client Reviews

HPC Asset Management assisted me in managing and selling a portfolio of various OREO properties that included developed and undeveloped residential land, industrial land and retail product. The HPC Asset Management team consistently goes above and beyond to assist its clients. In one instance, they uncovered a development permit that was within 20 days of expiring (on the day we foreclosed). The HPC Team demonstrates a tremendous depth of knowledge of the northwest territory and are both extremely personable and professional.

— Karen T.
     Commercial Real Estate Executive

I have worked with HPC Asset Management for five years. During that time I have worked for two different banks as they worked through troubled assets, particularly OREO properties. In that time, HPC Asset Management represented us in hundreds of property sales through their innovative approach as our "central broker." HPC is a client-focused firm. First and foremost, everything they do is centered on solving problems for their clients. When our bank had repossessed properties scattered throughout Oregon, HPC tirelessly traveled the state inspecting properties, giving feedback, and brainstorming options. Second, they are always makes available. Whether it's early in the morning, late in the evening or during vacation. Most importantly, HPC Asset Management gets results. Whether the property is a class A property or a single-family shack, HPC has brought buyers to the table and helped our banks negotiate the best deal possible. HPS is the type of corporate partner that is hard to find these days - diligent, available, and effective. I'm glad they are on our team.

— Sid C.
     VP, Finance & Operations at Quantum Health

HPC Asset Management was always responsive and pleasant to work with. They did an excellent job for the bank.

— Bud B.

It is a pleasure to work with Gene Buccola and the HPC Asset Management team. They are always professional, insightful and timely. I hope to work with HPC for many years to come.

— Kristen S.
     Vice President of Criteria Properties